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WOLF RUN in support of PTSD Resolution UK

Brethren & Companions,

Martin’s latest video of his training run as Batman in preparation for his undertaking the WOLF RUN in support of PTSD Resolution UK on Saturday 2nd July. My WM chosen Service Charity.

To date we have now, thanks to another Units support, managed to pay for 3.5 courses of treatment for our Veteran PTSD sufferers in North Worcestershire and we are hoping to raise considerably more from both the General public and our Freemasons with Martin’s latest efforts.

Your individual help would be very much appreciated. You all have Lodge/Chapter Members accounts and all I am requesting is that you consider sponsoring Martin for £1 per Kilometre, i.e. £10 in total. If you are prepared to consider assisting/donating in that way, please contact our Lodge/Chapter Treasurer, Tom Kennedy, to give him the authority to make the transfer.

For many of us who have served in any of the various services linked to our Lodge I am sure there are those who have experienced, and been involved in, traumatic events. Most of us have been lucky that it does not appear to have effected our mental state but please think of those poor young men & women who have not been able to cope and are in desperate need of help.

Every £ plays an important part and this 11 year old charity has now dealt with over 3,000 referrals.

Triple Celebration Success

Friday 23rd April 2021 marked another superb Virtual Meeting for White Ensign Lodge and a host of Visitors “Taking Passage” with us including Brethren from Holland and all points of the Compass in the UK.

With excellent participation from all who took part the WM, Ian Fothergill, issued prizes to the Hewitt’s for their English Morris Dancer’s attire and Gordon’s excellent “dit” regarding a Sergeants Mess Top Table. Ian Hart gave an excellent rendition, properly dressed, from Shakespeare’s Henry 5th, and Glyn Cardy proved to be the Mastermind winning the WM’s Quiz covering, St. George, Shakespeare, and the Vale of Evesham Asparagus Festival.

The WM auctioned a superb bronze statuette of St. George slaying the dragon which raised £180.00 and the Charity Appeal raised the magnificent sum of £1990. It is intended to donate a further £650.00 to PTSD Resolution UK, the WM’s chosen Service Charity for this year, to provide a Course for another Veteran in the Worcestershire area, and, like our Burns Night Charity Appeal, donate a further £750 + Gift Aid from the Lodge Members donations to our 2022 Festival Fund which should take us ever closer to our target.

All in all, a superb evening thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Red Letter Day for White Ensign Lodge

It was a delight to learn from the latest edition of the Provincial Square News, Edition 53 dated 22nd March, that our recently launched reconfigured website is the first in the Province of Worcestershire to receive the new UGLE Charter Mark. 

The hard work of our backroom team of W. Bro. David Crump and his son Peter have done a superb job, and it is with grateful thanks to them that we have achieved this excellent result.

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