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Becoming a Freemason in White Ensign Lodge:

So, you have had a look at our website, visited the links page and completed some preliminary internet research, and you have decided that you would like to join us as a Mason in White Ensign Lodge. That’s great news. However, let’s just stop and pause for a while….it is wonderful that your interest in Freemasonry has been sparked and the decision to join us in White Ensign Lodge must come directly from you without any external pressure.

You must have a belief in a supreme being. This does not mean that you must be religious or belong to a particular faith group. We welcome members from all corners of society. You should also be over the age of 21 years (although in special circumstances men over the age of 18 have received dispensation to join).

The first thing we would ask you to do is contact us, to arrange an informal chat over a coffee or a beer and meet with a couple of our members to discuss things further. One of the many peculiarities of Freemasonry is that you are required to have a Proposer and a Seconder for Lodge membership. We hope that after your meeting with our members they would be happy to act as your Proposer and Seconder.

We are a very diverse lodge and our members come from all walks of life. We encourage you to discuss your application to join Masonry with your family and friends and, if you wish, you would be welcome to join us at one of our informal gatherings where you can meet our other members and their families.

The United Grand Lodge of England has an excellent website with lots of useful information. We would encourage you to visit the page Discover Freemasonry

Becoming a joining member in White Ensign Lodge:

White Ensign encourages visiting Freemasons and applications from Freemasons who wish to join us.  For further information, please contact the Lodge Membership Officer.