A New Master Mason

Friday 22nd March saw the raising of Bro. Buddy Kibbles-Searle to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at White Ensign. The lodge being duly formed it was opened by the Worshipful Master (WM) and a couple of ballots conducted, one for a new joining member, W.Bro. Phil Goalby and another for a candidate for initiation, both ballots proving successful. W.Bro. Phil was then formally welcomed into the lodge by the WM. The Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts left the lodge room at various points, and Bro. Buddy acquitted himself extremely well when answering the questions from the Senior Warden, W.Bro. Les Leek. The candidate was then suitably prepared for the ceremony whilst the lodge opened in the third-degree. The WM conducted the earlier parts of the ceremony before handing the gavel over to W.Bro. Phil Goalby to conduct the rest of the ceremony, it was concluded by the delivery of the working tools by the Junior Warden, Bro Paul Tuckley. The WM having regained the gavel and the lodge was duly closed.

The brethren subsequently retired to the customary Festive Board.  A total of £270 was raised for the WM chosen charity when a cheque will be presented later in the year.

Bro. Buddy Kibbles-Searle