Royal Arch Chapter

Once you have become a Master Mason, after one month you are entitled to join Royal Arch. The term for joining is Exaltation. It is generally considered that membership of the Royal Arch is an important step in your journey through Masonry, and Craft and Royal Arch have very close ties. Indeed, they are said to be “indissolubly linked”. At your first meeting, you will take part in an Exaltation ceremony. As a Mason, you will already be familiar with Masonic ceremonies and many Masons consider the Exaltation ceremony to be particularly interesting, colourful and thought-provoking. Once you are Exalted, whilst at a Chapter meeting, you will be addressed as “Companion” in the same way as you are “Brother” in a Craft Lodge. A more detailed look at Royal Arch Chapter.

Membership Criteria

It shall be an honourable understanding that each Candidate for Exaltation or as a Joining Companion shall have served in one of the armed forces, mercantile marine, or served under the Crown in any capacity or be a son, grandson, step-son or son-in-law of one who has so served, and may have the privilege of proposing their sons, adopted sons, step-sons, and grandsons as candidates for Exaltation or as Joining Companions of the Chapter always providing that they agree to respect and uphold the Service traditions of the Chapter.


In Worcestershire all Lodges should have a Royal Arch representative and, if you want to join, he is a good port of call. You can also download the leaflet on this website. As in all Masonic Orders, you will need a proposer and seconder who are members of the Chapter you wish to join.