White Ensign Lodge No. 9169


White Ensign Lodge, based in Redditch in the glorious Province of Worcestershire, is conveniently situated in the heart of England.

White Ensign Lodge was originally established as a Freemason’s Lodge with strong Royal Navy and Royal Marines links and traditions. Nowadays, we have members with links to all branches of the armed services, the Merchant Navy, the ‘Blue Light’ emergency services, and those who have served under the Crown in any capacity.

White Ensign Lodge still maintains its’ Royal Navy traditions and is a vibrant, forward-looking, family-friendly, and fun Lodge that strives to provide that “Esprit de Corps”, camaraderie, fellowship, and friendship, so common in the military and emergency services.

Here we hope to keep our members and visitors up to date with our lodge and social activities. It also allows the public to see what we are doing in the local community and to provide them with further information should they wish to join us.

If you are already a freemason and would like to attend one of our meetings please contact our Secretary for further information. You will, as always, receive that legendary warm White Ensign welcome and enjoy a convivial meeting amongst old and new friends.

Another New Initiate

On Friday 26th April, White Ensign Lodge initiated its second candidate of the year into Freemasonry and in particular White Ensign Lodge.  The candidate, Mr

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A New Master Mason

Friday 22nd March saw the raising of Bro. Buddy Kibbles-Searle to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at White Ensign. The lodge being duly

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