Welcome new Initiate

On the evening of Friday 24th March; White Ensign Lodge welcomed its latest Entered Apprentice into freemasonry.

Bro. Buddy Kibbles-Searle was initiated into White Ensign Lodge No. 9169. Thanks go to the ‘Special Duty men’ who participated in Buddy’s ceremony, W.Bro. Stuart Maris as WM, W.Bro. Ian Fothergill as DC, W.Bro. Les Leek charge in the NE corner, W.Bro. David Crump initiates charge and Bro. Bobby Gill for the first degree working tools.

Following the ceremony the brethren retired for a tot of rum and the commencement of the customary festive board at which Bro. Buddy was formally welcomed into the lodge by the Worshipful Mater, W.Bro. Martin Carver, the final acts being both the Initiates song and the formation of the Initiates chain, the narration of which being delivered by W.Bro. Ian Hart.

During the festive board the following was raised for charity:

Alms collection – £132.00

Offenders fines – £71.00

Making a grand total of £203.00