A Unique First for White Ensign

It has been a while since there was a double initiation in White Ensign Lodge 9169, and by some coincidence the latest double initiation took place on Friday 26th March 2023 at the Masonic Hall in Redditch, that 4 years previously to the day the last double initiation at White Ensign also took place. The dust and the cob webs having been blown off during rehearsals to make this a special night for the initiates. 

The candidates for initiation, were Mr Neil Cramb and Mr Gregory Cramb, having been proposed by WBro Mike Tonkin who just happened to be the father-in-law and grandfather respectively.  The lodge being duly formed was opened by the Master, WBro Martin Carver. Salutations were given to the Deputy Provisional Grand Mater VW Bro Keith Evans and other Grand an Provisional Officers in attendance.

The gavel was handed over to WBro Ian Hart to conduct the double initiation ceremony. The ceremony flowed across the ‘millpond’, and following the initiates charge given by WBro David Crump, WBro Mike Tonkin presented a White Ensign scroll containing the initiates charge to both our new made Bro’s Neil and Gregory Cramb. The gavel returned to the capable hands of WBro Cpl Martin Carver for the remainder of the lodge business and closure of the lodge. The visitors having been treated to the White Ensign workings of emulation ritual.

The customary ‘tot’ of rum was offered to the brethren who were attending the festive board and the new initiates were formally welcomed into
White Ensign family. A total of £502 (fines, alms and raffle) was collected at the festive board which was distributed to the Worshipful Masters nominated charity by the Charity Steward.