Pimm’s On The Lawn

On Sunday 17th July, our Pimm’s on the lawn event was held at Alderson House in Warwick.  There were some 62 Brethren and guests at the event on a very sunny afternoon in Warwick.  It was a very well attended social event, the food was excellent and much fluid was available to help its transit unhindered.  The company was most congenial and much banter was exchanged.  Special thanks are given to the Master of Ceremonies W.Bro. Ian Fothergill (and levier of fines) for keeping everyone in check and W.Bro. Ian Hart (and assistants) for both organising and managing the raffle.  The Charity Steward, W.Bro. Mike Wroe was pleased to announce that a total of £656 (raffle and fines) was raised for White Ensign festival 2022 target and everyone was thanked for their generosity.