Masonry as a Marital Aide by Vikki Hart

The role of a wife isn’t easy, no matter how loving your man,
You just soldier on with a good heart, doing the best that you can.
Some couples end up in divorce court, or taking a trip to relate,
Others just suffer in silence and fantasise about shooting their mate.
Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, and everyone knows this is true,
But it’s no comfort at all as you realise, the Martians are coming for you!
But ladies, there is a precaution you can take, when looking around for a mate,
Politely inquire if he’s on the square, before you agree to a date.
If he is, then it’s great, cos his character’s sound, the lodge will have checked this detail,
If he’s not, then get him to join, an action that never will fail.
Because every mason that I’ve ever met, has been honest and courteous and kind,
Their principles are good and so are their hearts, which makes them an excellent find.
They’re out at their meetings quite often, doing the things that they do,
And while their away, it gives us the chance, for pampering long overdue.
You see, I can call my mates and chat for hours, without ever being shushed,
I can flick through all the channels, without ever getting cussed,
I can eat my dinner on my lap and ice cream from the tub,
I can watch a weepie movie and have a good old blub,
I can do all the things I want to do and get them off my chest,
I’m glad I’m married to a mason, I feel sorry for the rest.
I have the best of both worlds, a fact I know is true and clear,
That masonry as a marital aide, is perfect, about this I am sincere.
So when you’re rushing down the aisle, to greet your future groom,
Make sure that in your future plans, you give masonry some room,
It fulfils the man and empowers the wife and it’s virtue never ends,
But most of all, like here tonight, it endows you with good friends.