I married a sailor by Margaret Woodhams.

It started back in 56
In rural Oxfordshire
I was working on a farm
and Denis lived quite near
I was the dairy milkmaid
He was the forester’s son
And little did I realise
A romance had just begun
They all said that it wouldn’t work
As he was still at school
But if you have desire in life
You have to bend the rule
It soon was 1957
Time seems to go so fast
Then he was off to start afresh
A life before the mast
A Ganges year passed swiftly by
Then Bramcote and VL
Although we’d been apart for long
He still could cast a spell
Weekends together seem so short
The long leaves were just fine
To be together constantly
We wed in 59
Too young to have a quarter
But Denis had a plan
We started off our married life
In a lovely caravan
A sailor’s wage was then not much
We had to make the most
I got a job in Ilchester
Delivering the post
At first t’was tough but we had fun
A year we lived and thrived
Not quite sure what happened
A daughter had arrived
Then off to sea, my sailor went
In Ark Royal and Centaur
It was to be a year or so
Before he came ashore
Soon Sally had a brother
He must’ve had some leave
Then off to Bonnie Scotland
As a draft he did receive

A year or so in the frozen north
A promotion came his way
Then off to Wales the family went
For a year they were to stay
A challenge fresh was needed
What could he do anew
He went off, did his diving course
And then became aircrew
So back to Brawdy we did go
On SAR a year
Then off again to mighty ‘Vic’
And oceans far and near
A posting back to Wales once more
Life had become quite sweet
A dilemma then we had to face
Sign-on or civvy street
We packed our kit and said farewell
A new life now begins
We chose to live with food and drink
And worked for Berni Inns
We moved around as managers
Developing new skills
Although it was nomadic
At least it paid the bills
Then hotels was the next stop
A struggle quite uphill
When we thought the time was right
We bought the Arrow Mill
Since then it’s over 40 years
Helis, bikes and planes
And making lasting friendships
All these have been our gains
I’ve had such fun girl guiding
Cooking, keeping bees
Travelling all around the world
My life has been a breeze
So thank you for your friendship
You know what makes us tick
And even after 60 years
I’m still his biker chick