To the ‘Immortal Memory’

One of the highlights of the masonic calendar for White Ensign Lodge is our Trafalgar night to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805 when the Royal Navy was victorious over the combined fleets of the French and Spanish navies. and Lord Nelson made the ultimate sacrifice. 

In the lodge room, Bro. Lee Taylor was passed to the degree of the Fellowcraft, congratulations go to Lee.  A ballot for a candidate for initiation were successfully concluded. 

We could not overlook the fact that our evening also coincided with the Royal Marines Corps birthday, best wishes to the ‘Royals’.

In the finest traditions of the Senior Service, a tot of rum was also available to Brethren who were declared not temperance or UA (Under Age).  The rum being distributed by the DC and Steward of White Ensign.

During the Festive Board, our Worshipful Master WO Glyn Cardy welcomed the following brethren into White Ensign as reservists:  W.Bro’s. Paul Buckingham, Andy Penver, Michael Littler, Jim Crawford and Jason Ward, each one receiving a certificate and Red Ensign pin.

Charity being of great importance to Freemasons, at the Festive Board, the following was contributed to the Worcestershire’s Festival 2022 on behalf of White Ensign Lodge: Charity collection – £455, Auction – £595 and Offenders (fines) – £90.  A grand total of £1140!

Many thanks go to the brethren for their fantastic generosity and also to our JW, Bro. Chris Mason who donated the Falklands picture for the auction.