A long time in the making

On a dark Friday evening at the end of March 2022, Bro. Paul Tuckley was finally raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at White Ensign, having been originally initiated into Freemasonry back in May 2019.  As COVID-19 gripped the UK in early 2020 and the national lockdowns took hold in the March; Freemasonry was also put into suspension by UGLE.  By the summer of 2021 the lockdowns had ceased and Freemason’s were able to meet again in our lodges etc.  Bro. Paul was now going for the record at White Ensign for having been the longest serving Entered Apprentice at some 29 months.  At our first regular meeting held at White Ensign at the end of October 2021, both Bro. Paul and Bro. Steve Barraclough were passed to the second degree, the Fellowcraft.